piątek, 30 listopada 2007

Zamiast pracować pisz bloga.

Na taki cytat wpadłam pisząc artykuł do pewnego miesięcznika:

Objectification reduces sensitivity. Thus cows are called beef or head of cattle, pigs become pork, sheep mutton. The screams are muted.. and living creatures become plastic wrapped packages.

i dowód:

In a lunch session at the slaughterhouse, a lamb jumped out of its pen and came unnoticed up to some slaughtermen who were sitting in a circle eating some sandwiches; the lamb approached and nibbled a small piece of lettuce that a man was holding in his hand. The men gave the lamb some more lettuce and when the lunch period was over they were so affected by the action of the lamb that not one of them was prepared to kill this creature, and it had to be sent away elsewhere - showing that within each human soul there is an element of pity, compassion and love in varying degrees. It is our duty to encourage the higher qualities to bloom and blossom wherever possible in each individual.

...na więcej niestety nie mam czasu, więc przemyśl sobie sama.

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