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Infinite Variations, Marci Nelligan [frag.]

Fragment pochodzi z E-ratio. Przeczytaj go i zastanów się nad nim troszkę, ja za ciebie roboty odwalać nie będę. A pobawić się w interpretację warto - mi dało sporo satysfakcji. Angielski jest średnio wymagający - przykro mi, w tłumacza poezji, chociaż o tym marzę, bawić się jeszcze nie zamierzam.

Infinite Variations
by Marci Nelligan


Belief in various objects

led to resemblance

the mouth of the whale

or lower eye.

We cannot explain the world


various causes

construct for god

bodies in

one country

whilst in another

trees or bread.

The hand will strike

segments of a limb used solely for locomotion

its enemies will change to orchids—

through the occasional here

a mamma-blood apparatus

secretes nutritious fluid.

Mankind acquired reason

this should be this

and also that

closer and—all the more

a perfect mind.


Near the head

exists a close analogy—

the tail

before the eyes

plumes of birds,

teeth of certain lizards

under my thigh

your hand

in electric intervals

finally lost

its transition

spoken in the ears

as well as the cave

trees that were buried

now mature

the same country

put a field of organs

in manifest irritation

the land is old

and powerful

in defense of which

is something new

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